Mary Sophia

On one weekend, before the Eid Al Fitr holiday break, my family came from Abu Dhabi for a visit.  Waking up on a beautiful Saturday morning in Dubai, after I had my rich, aromatic coffee, I went for a walk with my almost two year old niece, Pia. I grabbed my camera to bring along with me. 

As we walk in the neighborhood, Pia walked to a field of grass.  It's summer this season, yet the toddler doesn't mind the heat as she plays in the greens.  Seeing how she was so happy, I started taking photos of her.  The bright and sunny light gave the natural light which complements her cuteness.

As a wedding photographer I am always fond of keeping my style natural, light and love.   

Hope you'll love the photos below of this bubbly kid.  

Pardon me if the photos are numerous.  She just can't stop putting a smile on my face for her cuteness and sweetness every time I see her. :)